3 Big Ideas to Attract Key Employees to Insurance Industries

Its common for kids to say they want to be teachers, nurses, policemen, premier league footballer or work on a fire engine.


None will say, “when I grow up, I wanna work in insurance” or finance.


Some industries are just unsexy and the majority of people do not aspire to work in them.


But the good news is that many millenials have been thrown into these industries perhaps by accident, and then thrived in them. So then the key for these companies, is to find out how to attract the best employees, and then keep them.


Here are 3 really big ideas to attract top talent:

1: Promote the benefits

According to The Hartford’s 2015 Millennial Leadership Survey, a measly 4% of millenials wish to work in insurance, and 7% in retail.  

Image Credit: The Hartford

Arts and entertainment are the most desired industries for millennials, while industries like retail and insurance have the lowest appeal.


But really, the only reason they don’t wish to work in some industries, like insurance, retail or finance, is because of the outdated impression they have of it.


So its key for HR and marketing to work together, in order to send out the right message and give a favourable impression of what may have been viewed as a “boring industry position” in the past.


According to Insure My Path, working in insurance, for example, has a few major benefits:


  • Less stress than other industries
  • Higher compensation
  • A real chance to grow


It is these benefits that should be highlighted when advertising jobs, and it’s also a good example of how we at Right International are able to source key employees for you, specifically within “boring” industries.

2: Focus on the job experience

Job seekers consider these 5 elements when determining whether to accept a job offer:


  1. Compensation
  2. Growth opportunities
  3. Work-life balance
  4. How far they would need to travel, and by what means
  5. Company culture and values


The total job experience, far more than just the compensation, is what attracts top talent, so be sure to address these 5 elements and make the position about job satisfaction more than anything else.


However, to do this, the company culture may need to be revisited in order to inspire a great environment that is appealing to the younger generation.

3: Manage the brand

In a survey by Glassdoor, it was found that 69% of people are likely to apply for a job if the employer actively manages its employer brand; this means that the company actually responds to reviews, website queries, updates social media profiles, and shares updates on company culture and the workplace.


Managing the brand online ties in closely with company culture, because the culture of the company (when it’s been planned and not simply left to default), needs to be showcased in order to attract key candidates.


Any top performer is going to check you out online either before applying for a position at your company, or if they get offered the job, and what they find will either contribute or act against you.

Hollard Insurance gets it right – their Facebook page shines with their funky, fun culture, attracting funky, fun candidates who want to be part of it.


Manage the brand effectively – update your website regularly, answer website queries, make sure your social media sites are updated and that your desired brand shines through.



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