Why strong leaders attract the best talent


Why is that people want to work for a strong leader? How do you define a strong leader? On the surface the answers to this are fairly obvious- people trust leaders that know what they are doing (or at least appear that way) and that is what people define as a strong leader. In this article we are going to look at how strong leaders are able to attract the best talent.

Clear values

If people know what to expect when they join a company they tend to want to be a part of it. A strong leader understands the culture of a company and can communicate those values to the team- this is both in terms of telling people what they need to while at the same time being a good example.

A strong leader doesn’t just talk about communication- they take the time to address any issues and make clear to people what they want without being overly aggressive or domineering.

It is also important to communicate in a way people understand- things tend to go wrong if people don’t know what they’re doing. Don’t be afraid to ask people “Do you understand?” and repeat if you need to in order to ensure they know what you expect from them.

Get feedback

Learning how people feel about the work is important- while giving people feedback on their work is something you should be doing equally it is beneficial to take suggestions from your employees as well. While you may not be able to implement everything anything you can do to make the work better and more efficient will be better for the business in the long term and will reflect well on you and your leadership.

Get to know your team

Knowing a team on a personal level is a good way of becoming a strong leader- even something as simple as asking “How are you?” can allow people to talk about their lives. If you can learn about if they’ve been on holiday, family etc as this shows that you care and want to engage with them.

While it is true you need a little distance as a leader as ever with life it is possible to achieve a balance and ideally you want people to feel they can approach and talk to you.

Equally it is not just about being personal- remember to be fair to people and to stick to any promises you make. It may sound obvious but any breach of trust will be remembered!

Maintain quality

Being a good leader is not just about your skills and experience- passing that on to others will make a team stronger in the long term and make it easier to achieve their goals. Don’t be afraid to share your experiences and develop your team.

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