Don’t ask don’t get.

If you don’t ask you don’t get

When it comes to being a leader of a group it can be frustrating if you are not hitting your targets. It may be that your employees are not hitting targets or they are not approaching customers in the way that you want them to. However there is something you can do- while it may sound obvious-if you don’t ask you don’t get!

What do you want?

Before you talk to your team about what you want them to do you have to consider what your goal is- do you want more sales? Do you want improved feedback scores when a mystery shopper comes around? Whatever it is you have to be clear about it.

Communication is so important- it is not just about the goal but how you explain it to people. Why is this goal important? What benefits could you potentially offer them in exchange for achieving that goal?

This is important because if people know what that goal is and why they need to do it they are more likely to focus on it and therefore are more likely to achieve it.

Do people understand what you want?

It is also important to check that people understand what you want them to do- while it would be great if everyone could instantly get what you require this is not realistic.

Therefore it is important to go over and talk to team leaders and individuals so that everyone is clear- this will then allow everyone to talk to each other and so there is no miscommunication that could cause problems.

A clear game plan for a target follows the SMART process (Specific targets, measurable achievements, achievable goals that you know your team can meet, relevant goals that work for your business and time bound goals that have a clear deadline).

Consider mentoring

Mentoring is one aspect you may not have considered- having experienced professionals from other departments in your business can give your team the benefit of that experience, allowing them to gain the confidence they need and the knowledge to hit targets.

For example if you want to improve sales then having a manager with a background in sales talk to your team can be very beneficial as they will be able to offer guidance to your team based on their experience.

Balance positive and negative

It is important to be positive and praise people when they hit targets as well as giving guidance to help them continue to build and do better. However the opposite is also true- you have to have difficult conversations if people are not achieving targets.

Equally if your team is not hitting targets you have to be flexible- getting everyone talking and looking at how they can make things better as a common push to improve is often more constructive than pointing out individual errors. Nobody likes to be singled out- however if this is necessary it is better to take people aside and talk to them individually rather than in front of the team as this can demotivate people.


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