Eating Your Way to The Top: Guide to Accomplishing More Through Food

One fifth of the UK visit their doctors due to fatigue.


It makes sense then, that one fifth of the UK are not as productive as they could be, and therefore not accomplishing all they would like to.


The sad thing is that to save time, the busiest people always want to grab the food that’s fast and easiest.


It’s a vicious circle…you eat junk because buying and gobbling it takes up less time than preparing your own healthy food and bringing it to work with you, but the junk you’re consuming leads to less energy, and ultimately, less productivity.


Now, billionaires do things differently to most people.


They have discovered certain habits that keep them feeling healthy and energised, and because they make a career of self-improvement and continual learning, the majority of billionaires have come to understand that food affects mood, energy levels and the ability to innovate.


Certainly, the habits of wildly successful people always include exercise.

Breakfasts of famous business people

Richard Branson gave up eating beef years ago, and enjoys fruit salad and muesli, or kippers for breakfast.


Al Roker, Today’s weather forecaster, drinks a smoothie every morning that’s made from protein powder, fiber powder, almond milk, berries, ginger, and agave nectar.


Justin Timberlake eats waffles with flax seeds, almond butter and eggs pre-workout, and another egg or protein shake after.


Fran Tarkenton, founder of Go Small Biz, only eats berries, because “it helps his thinking, stamina and keeps off the weight”.


Kat Cole, Executive President of Focus Brands, has protein, turmeric shots, wheatgrass and aloe before starting her day.

For energy, what does your body need?

Fatigue is merely the result of a body struggling with something. It’s a sign from the body to say that something is wrong.


The body needs certain vitamins and minerals for you to feel good, but contrary to popular belief, taking these in synthetic form is not going to do much good, because the body sees these types of supplements as foreign instead of recognising them as food.


In addition, when you take synthetic supplements, you’ve got to know that all minerals and vitamins work together, and that taking them separately can be downright dangerous. However, when you eat your minerals and vitamins, the body knows how to utilise them.


The point is – avoid taking a pill for the minerals and vitamins you need. Instead, eat them in the form of God-given foods.

Foods that cause chaos

At the root of fatigue, and just about any illness, is an an out-of-whack endocrine system, which controls almost every function of the body. So it makes sense to analyse what upsets the endocrine system, and then do something about it. Maybe you’ll recognise the culprits in your own diet:


  • Caffeine
  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Sugar
  • Most medications
  • Highly processed fats like margarine and cheap cooking oil

Practical tips to get mo

re energy

  • Kickstart energy with a healthy breakfast of fruit and raw nuts. Smoothies are an excellent idea, because within minutes, your body gets the benefits of fruit and a natural, healthy protein.
  • When you crave something sweet, have some fresh or dried fruit. If you’re still hankering after the doughnut or chocolate, eat them after the fruit, so that you don’t feel deprived. As you eat more of the good, over time your body will not crave sweet things as much. Always eat the fruit before the crap. Aim to eat at least 3 different types of fruit each day.
  • If you crave fatty snacks like chips, it probably is an indication that your body needs an increase in essential fatty acids. Try using a daily tablespoon of cold pressed flaxseed oil on your food.
  • Try to eat at least 5 different types of veggies each day. For energy, raw is best. When you first start out with this, try eating a side plate of raw foods first before going on to a cooked meal. This way, you won’t feel deprived but will simply be adding more of the good.
  • Keep hydrated with clean water.
  • Replace coffee with a natural blend of chai tea, but watch that it does not include sugar.
  • Try to eat foods that are free of gluten. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice and quinoa are excellent options.



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