How to Identify and Attract the Best Talent in the Market


The success of any business is dependent on the quality of staff it has working for it.

Why do some companies have the top talent ‘knocking on its door’ looking to join them, where others struggle to not only attract the top talent but retain good employees?

If you really want to hire the best talent in the market you need a very clear and structured plan.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked with numerous companies from PLC’s, Corporates, to privately funded businesses as a business owner, recruiter, manager and coach of my team at Right International, a business I founded 24 years ago.


Here are my top tips and advice on securing the very best talent in the market


There’s a phrase ‘Clarity proceeds mastery’, start with clarity on what it is you are looking for. Without this clarity in your own mind it is difficult to decide what route you take to identify your ideal candidate.

The reason for clarity – however you intend to attract the top talent – you need to communicate clearly to any potential resourcer, recruitment firm and candidate what it is you’re looking for.

Have you prepared a detailed job description that clearly describes what you are looking for?


Key questions to ask:


What’s the background of the ideal candidate?

What key skills and experience must the candidate have to be successful in the role? 

What role or position would the ideal candidate be in now or previously?

When looking through a CV, what are some of the key deliverables you would expect them to have achieved? 

Cultural fit – what type of personality traits are you looking for? 

What types of company would you expect the candidate to have worked in?

Could they potentially be working in a slightly different environment?

Sometimes a slightly ‘left field’ candidate with the core skills and right character traits is a better prospect


Having gained real clarity on what it is you are looking for; how do you go about identifying and sourcing your ideal candidate?

  •   Direct
  •   Advertise – Job boards, LinkedIn, Social Media
  •   Recruitment Agency/Executive Search


Each approach has its merits, however if you are really looking for the best talent in the market, you need to target not just those actively looking but according to various studies/surveys the 70% of the market not actively looking.

You need to be clear with yourself how much TIME you are prepared to invest in the process and what BUDGET you have.


Where do you look?

Where have you attracted candidates from previously – although it doesn’t guarantee success don’t overlook it?


Longer term view: 

Graduate schemes – are you prepared to take a longer-term view, depending on the role you are looking to fill and urgency to find someone?

Some companies are starting to look at A level students who although are capable of completing a degree course are considering other options for their future development.


Referral system: 

Can be very effective, however you need to work at it and reward individuals accordingly.


Own network: 

Invaluable and you need to constantly work at it! (Not just to help you source potential candidates for your own company but you may need help on a personal level at some point in your career).


Time constraints: 

Depending on what route you take recruiting can be a very time consuming and frustrating process, so you need to consider how much time you are prepared to invest in identifying and hiring your ideal candidate.



Weigh up the cost of your time! Without a clear recruitment plan it can become a very slow and frustrating process. Build a relationship with an expert recruiter in your market, who has a proven track record of identifying and sourcing the type of candidates you are looking for. This can save you invaluable time.



How do you select a Recruitment Agency/Executive Search firm?


Talk to your trusted contacts in the market to see who they have successfully used previously. Google search firms and explore – not just the paid for adverts. A reputable firm with a track record in your market should appear high in the search. When looking at a recruitment companies website, do they mention their clients and do they volunteer up to date recommendations on their website? Social media/social proof: if clients are prepared to recommend a company or an individual, it is a powerful statement that shows confidence and ultimately trust in that company and individual recruiter that they deliver!

If the role is confidential and urgent then selecting the correct recruitment partner is a key factor.


HELPFUL TIP: Like anything in life, be prepared to pay the market rate for the best services.


Please look out for part two of How to Identify and Attract the Best Talent in the Market.


If you have any additional tips, please comment below. I hope you found this helpful and please let me know your thoughts.

Gary Pike

Founder & MD

Right International Insurance Headhunters


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