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This year marks 25 years since I established Right International, which has got me thinking and reflecting! From these thoughts and reflections, I would like to share some ideas and thing’s I have learned along the way with you, which hopefully you’ll find of interest regardless of what stage you’re at in your career.

Running a business for 25 years whilst bringing up 4 children (of which my wife Ange did most of the running around and school runs), whilst still following my beloved Portsmouth FC has been fun, challenging and extremely rewarding. During this period of time, I have been fortunate enough to have worked with some of the leading organisations in the market from start up’s, PLC’s, privately owned including private equity backed companies and engaged with some of the most dynamic thought provoking inspirational leaders. There have been some wonderful characters from all walks of life I have met over the years.

Having gone from a start up to a leading firm in the market, survived a major recession, rebuilding and now positioned as one of the leading specialist recruiters to the Insurance industry, the world of recruitment has changed dramatically over the past 25 years. You might be surprised to hear that I initially trained as a PE teacher before entering the wonderful world of recruitment. I’m surrounded by millennial’s who constantly remind me of the the latest social media tool for engaging with both clients and candidates. Do you remember life before, emails, LinkedIn– when your only way of communication was to pick up the phone (send a fax) or meet face to face (If you don’t ask your parents!)?

Although I ‘m a strong believer in embracing change and using the latest social media channels, I do wonder if there will become a generation who will lose the art of old fashioned ‘let’s just talk’. I have four children aged 21 -29 (2 working in recruitment, not for me I add!), they understandably have a very different outlook on the use of social media.

Now I am no business or motivational guru and believe me, I’ve made lots of mistakes (some more costly than others) however, there’s certain principles and practices I’ve learned a long the way which I would like to share with you.



Be yourself – there is only one you!

Don’t compromise on your values – be prepared to listen to the other persons point of view before forming an opinion.

Be humble – treat people fairly, it’s ok to be nice ( it‘s not a sign of weakness).

Be open and honest – be prepared to ask the difficult and sometimes challenging questions. It might be uncomfortable initially but will help you in the long run. The longer you put off having that difficult discussion the harder it becomes (don’t send an email when you can speak with the person).

It’s ok to make a mistake – just don’t keep making the same mistake, that’s how you learn.

Out work the market – Sometimes you just need to get your head down.

Do what you say you’re going to do when you said you’d do it.

Have a clear goal – why is this important? It will help you when the inevitable challenges come along.

Be prepared to get out of your comfort zone – that’s how you learn new skills.

Don’t always take yourself so seriously – make sure you have down time and schedule time to think and reflect.

Do something about it – If you’ve plateaued and need a new challenge don’t fester for too long.

ACT – It’s better to have an ok idea that you act on, than an even better idea that you do nothing with!

Clear communication – People are at the forefront of everything, so clear communication is essential for success.

And my final and most important lesson learned – look after yourself physically and mentally, you don’t need to be a gym bunnie but walk and exercise regularly and it’s ALWAYS ok to ask for help.😊

What would your top tips or learned experiences be? I would welcome your feedback and thoughts on the above.


All the best,

Gary & the Pike family!



Gary Pike, Founder & MD Right International



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