How To Use Pokemon Go In Teambuilding Exercises

Encouraging your members of staff to work together as a team can be a big challenge and it pays to think outside the box where teambuilding exercises are concerned if you want to keep people engaged and interested in working together.

Unless you’ve been in deepest darkest Peru for the last few weeks, you’ll have heard of a little game craze called Pokemon Go. This involves people heading out around their local area with their smartphones, using the GPS capabilities to hunt down and train imaginary characters to fight against other teams.

This kind of technology can easily be harnessed to your advantage when planning out teambuilding exercises for your employees. Simply ask your members of staff to divide up into teams, set up their own Pokemon Go accounts and then compete against each other to catch Pokemon, working together to beat their fellow teams.

What’s great about this kind of strategy is that, unlike other teambuilding ideas, it actually doesn’t cost you or your company anything – and it shows that you’ve got your finger on the pulse where popular pursuits that your workforce may be interested in are concerned.

You could also make your own Pokemon-related prizes to give out to the winners after the Pokemon hunt has come to an end, or ask your members of staff to come up with their own to really keep them engaged on the day.


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